How to use "Wait for/Pass through" Node to combine these two scripts?

I currently have a script that creates filled regions based on room tags, and applies a certain fill pattern based on the room name. If I want to set all lines to invisible AFTER they have been created, what do I need to do to force the right side script to wait on them to be made? The problem I have currently is that it considers the “active view filled regions” list empty since it all happens at the same time (and I don’t want to change ALL filled regions in project.

This definitely seems possible…

I suspect the elements haven’t actually been created until the script stops running, so i dont think it’s possible that way.

you could add a ‘transaction end’ node and then a ‘transaction start’ node here:

Be careful with those nodes though, save your work when trying this out.


After you have created all the filled regions (the 3+ nodes on the left) use a List.Join to combine them into a single list. Then wire that list into the filledRegion input of the SetLineStyle node.

You may or may not need to add a Transaction.End and then a Transaction.Start in between as well as noted by @MVE1112. Just be sure to set the run mode to “manual” before executing such a graph.

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Closer… It seems when using something that isn’t the “Get Filled Regions” archicad node to input here causes it to be null…

Try flattening the list.

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Success! Thanks all!

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