How to use use List.Sublist in list @3 level

Hello everyone, i’m struggling with this list-logic, can anyone help me solve this problem. Thanks a lot :grinning: .
P/s: i dont want to flat the list because it will change the nature of the problem.

Is this what you are looking for?

If so you should set your List.Sublists-Node to Auto instead of Longest (||/)

do you use python?

list = IN[0]

output = []
for i in IN[0]:
	temp3 = []
	for j in i:
		temp2 = []
		for k in range(len(j)-1):
			temp = j[k:k+2]

OUT = output

someone would do in a better way? I am always bad in declaring variables and python structure

Thank you for your apply :grinning: , but it’s not what i need, because it’s different between the structure of 2 list, please see this image below

Thank a lot :grinning:, i haven’t use python before, but i’ll give it a try. Is it flexible for all case (more list in each level ) ?

OK, then just use “keep liststructure”

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cool, it’s exactly what i’m looking for :grin: