How to use C# (.dll) to make a web request with Dynamo Bim

Guys, I’m trying to make some code (C#) and integrate it with the Bim dynamo…
Is it possible to make a web request in C# and retrieve it to dynamo bim?

I kind of made an API in another language and I would like to consume it with C# by integrating it with Dynamo Bim

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You should be able to add the DLL as a library as per the instructions halfway down this page where it says Opening the project's dll file.

But that said you likely want to generate the class in a way which makes things more Dynamo friendly. This write up can help with that: Dynamo Unchained 1: Learn how to develop Zero Touch Nodes in C#



For web requests, you can find several methods in the HttpClient .Net Class



Hi @Lincoln

Could this be of any use to u, have a look if it helps.


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Hi @Lincoln ,
I wrote some articles recently, it’s write in Python (IronPython and a little PythonNet) but the examples are easily portable to C#

maybe this will help you

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