How to upgrade Dynamo for Civil 3D?

How do you upgrade Dynamo?
I tried:

  1. Autodesk Desktop App
  2. Autodesk Account
  3. Googling “How to upgrade Dynamo”. There were a couple of mentions of Revit, but nothing for Civil 3D.

Under the Help Tab, clicking “About” I get this:

Dynamo Core
Dynamo Civil 3D

Dynamo updates come together with updates to Civil 3D, so you can’t update it on its own. The one exception was back on Civil 3D 2020 when there was a specific update for Dynamo that came through the Autodesk Desktop App. But you are past that (it was version 2.5.x I think). The latest update to Dynamo Core came with Civil 3D 2022.1.


Hi Zachri,
Thank you. Good to know. I’ve been holding off on updating C3D 2022 because of >>>This<<<.

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