How to transfer fixture unit of floor trap?

Is there any way (programatically or thorugh revit settings) to transfer fixture unit of floor trap to pipe network?

Not sure i understand, do you mean all element in that network ?? if so you can try this one…

no…that is not what i want…I want the fixture unit of marked pipe to be 1.5 (sum of FT fixture unit and Kitchen sink Fixture unit)…Right now the marked pipe is taking fixture unit of floor trap only…my intension is to size the pipe based on fixture unit

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@j.sunnyT6MVA …ahhh sorry :wink: didnt read it right…haha

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I tried to access the parameter via REVIT API…but since its a read only parameter…I am not able to change its value.

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yes same result here

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You might want to take a look at how the system sizing is achieved by the AdnRme sample:

Or, you might reformulate your question to be purely Revit API related with no Dynamo involved and ask in the Revit API discussion forum:


Hi Jeremy…thanks for this great tip…:wink: