How to Split and merge PDF files without buying software?

How to Split and merge PDF files without buying software?

Hi @mipazT84YC,

It’s possible to merge PDF in dynamo.


To merge multiple PDF files into single PDF file you can make use of All in One PDF Tool which is the safe and secure software to use without facing any problem. You can easily operate this application and non-technical guys too because of its friendly user interface. Visit at more info;

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner I have used this merge.mergepdfs. But only the thing is to follow the oder which I wanted. Is there anyway to do that?

I have tried it with giving sequence order to pdfs so that it can be merged into one binder but it is changing the names of the pdfs after merging. Can you please help me out for this ?

Try pdf995. It is free and has heaps of features for merging/breaking up pdfs.

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Hi @GavinCrump if I want to achieve it through dynamo itself like I have all the ordered sheets and sheets names, I want to merge these sheets/pdfs into one binder without changing the names of the sheets/pdfs. Can you please tell me how to do that ? Do I have any specific node to merge without renaming the pdfs ?

Not familiar with dynamo for this unfortunately. The pdfmerge node from genius loci looks good so ill let the author comment (they tend to find their posts pretty quickly).


You must show your graph with previews enabled under the nodes to obtain accurate help.

I don’t understand this part because if you merge several files, you will get a single pdf with a specified name. Do you want to see the names of each sheet inside the assembled pdf ?

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@Alban_de_Chasteigner see after merging the individual pdfs got renamed as 1,2,3…so on. PFA of image below for your reference

I want to retain the names of pdfs as given after merging.

Hi @Alban_de_Chasteigner @GavinCrump what I did is like I have exported sheets into individual pdfs, and I have used pdf24 software (which is a free version available) to merge and checked the option called “Create Bookmarks” which will retain the pdf names as given.

It worked. and also if we upload that binder file on BIM 360, it will also looks fine. Thanks for your time and I appreciate that.