How to set the View Name to View Template name that is applied to the view?


I’m new to the use of Dynamo and I try to get a script that renames my views in Revit. See pictures below.
I have tried on my own a little, but I do not get it working, nor can I find a solution to this when I search the web.

Is there anybody that can point me in the direction of a solutions?

Thank you. 2018-12-11_15-09-24

Show us what you’ve tried. It’s just setting a parameter value once you get the naming convention set up.

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Also, to clarify, is 542 Brann a parent view and the other views are children?

@jacob.small I believe that the OP has setup his Browser Organization to Group and Sort by View Templates like so:


That will result in all views with a View Template applied to them grouped under the same tree branch in the browser like so:


So now to the question asked. I believe that the OP wants to grab the View Template name from the view, and then suffix it to the view name. That can be done like so:

You will need 2019.2.8 installed. This definition was created using Dynamo 2.0


That node should return the name of the BuiltInParameter. In this case it would be “VIEW_NAME”. Just use that instead of the node.

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Yes, so it’s not only more clarifying but it’s also quite different from what you asked for before.

The original question was answered. The solution will be VERY similar to what I presented, but this time YOU will have to do some work. This is a support forum, not “here’s my wish” forum. @Nick_Boyts was right. Show us some work.