How to set new values to parameters which are read only

Hi all,

I am trying to chnage the value of a parameter which is read only in revit through Dynamo. But it is giving me the error. Kindly let me know how to change the ready only parameter of a model in place family.

Why don’t you change the “Height Offset From Level” parameter?
I do not think read only parameters are meant to be changed.

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Hello @shashank.baganeACM
read only parameter will depend upon other parameter also, its like 2 parameter are interconnected with some formula or logic
you need to find the active parameter which can be edit and read only parameter will depend upon those parameter.
As Tradelie mention, if you want to change “Elevation at Top” which will depend upon Height offset from level" you can try that way.

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@tradelie I want to keep the height offset from level flexible so that I can enter the values as per requirements

@honeyjain619 Yes sure, I will try that. Thanks