How to set material for rail

I can set the material for the top rail and baluster,

but I can not set the material for the railing as in the image.

Any update on this one?

Any one come across?!

Make sure to search carefully for your issues on the forums before making a new one.

It looks like in 2017 the API didn’t have access to this level of the tool, and I’m not aware of it being added since.

Yes, I saw this post. But I can not get the answer from that and that’s discussion was in 2017.

I thought we can now Revit 2020 or 22

Taking a dive into the Revit API only seems to indicate this as a lead;

I believe the non-continuous rail class is where the rails inside a railing type can be interacted with, and the properties potentially gotten and set. I can’t see a clear method to get to them, possibly by looking at a railing types sub elements? It’s a pretty muddy part of the API…

I tried getting a railings sub elements but no luck, can’t figure out the IList logic here pythonically. Hopefully someone else can help there.

@GavinCrump thanks, mate. I will update here if I get anything.

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