How to set global parameters for Lenght Type

Hello, I am going to refer to this topic (Any news for setting global parameters?). I tried the Python script but it only works on Text Type. I need the Lenght Type. How can I solve the problem? @Nico_Stegeman


You should be able to set global parameters the same way you set other parameters. The python code you referenced is specifically setup for string data in a text parameter so it won’t just “work” for non-text parameters. What else have you tried?

There’s even a GlobalParameter.SetValue node that should do exactly what you want.

Well I solved the problem just using another idea: I create the global parameter and assign Lenght Paramter. Then I set the value by using a number slider because that doblue variable is taken only with a number slider. So I can set the value without using any Python Script. Anyway, thank you for your precious help!