How to set a nested family's parameter from excel using dynamo?


We have a scale bar family on our sheets, with types setup for each scale: 1:25, 1:50, etc.

So far we have managed to fill all the titleblock types with text entries.

The challenge with this one is we don’t know how to set the correct scale type paramter from excel. The image below shows the situation, I have tried to change the family parameter with a text entry, but dynamo throws up the error:

Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed.
The parameter’s storage type is not a string.

So what type of Element.set do I need to use here?

The right part of the image shows the sheet list schedule and how the entry is not a text string, but a drop down menu.

Any ideas would be appreciated

Thank you

Error message says that it is a Type Error.

Try to add a node “String from Object” after Value node and then connect that node to Element.SetParameter node.

Hi Matthew,

Like you said, you are trying to set a type.
So i think you have to feed the “Element.SetParameterByName” whith a “type” (not a string).
Maybe adding the “FamilyType.ByName” node can solve your problem.

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Gentlemen, thank you both for your suggestions. I thought I had found the solution by combining them - screenshot below - but actually its adding a new parameter to the sheet identity data, its not changing the family parameter of the titleblock to set the scale. (the scalebar is nested within the sheet template family).

I think I was also entering the wrong data into the excel table which I was drawing from. I had typed the [familyname:type] as was shown from the drop down menu on the sheet schedule. In fact, all I needed to type was the [typeName]. This combined with the string from object & Family type by name is selecting the correct type, just not in the right place!