How to select the views on elevation markers

Is there a way to select the views associated with an elevation marker?
I’m trying to write a script that hide all elevations in an enlarged plan by setting “Hide at Scales Coarser Than” to 1/4" = 1’-0"
I am able to select the elevation markers, but not the views themselves. Any advice would be great. Thank you!

Hi @hoangtran,

Welcome to the forms. The Clockworks package has a node ElevationMarker.Views that will get you what you need.

Two other helpful nodes when creating elevation are ElevationMarker.CreatElecationMarker and ElevationMarker.CreateElevationByMarkerIndex from Rhythm Package. These do not pertain to your OP but thought I would share anyway.

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Hope this helps,


Thank you much! I had actually found a work around, but this is a much much quicker solution. Thank you!

Hello all,
Is the ElevationMarker.Views Node discontinued???
Not sure then how I can retrieve this information?
I would like to know which views within the same elevation marker has a sheet number value “”

I have found it on the new packages,

Many thanks!