How to select items in revit

Hi how do yo you select items in revit? I am trying to select all the model lines in the current view and I got a list to populate in dynamo, however the item are not being physically selected in revit. I want to do that so…how? Thanks!

To list all model lines in a Revit view in Dynamo you could do something like this …

However, if you want to physically select them, you’d be better off filtering your selection in Revit itself.

I want to select them so i can delete them. Is there even a way to delete anything in dynamo?

You don’t need Dynamo for that.

This isn’t the appropriate forum for Revit guidance, however…
In Revit select all elements in the view and click on Filter
Uncheck everything other than Lines(Lines)

Click OK, only the model lines will remain selected.

Download Archi-Lab to get a delete node.

Thank you john!

Wait, i dont see that node anywhere in the Archi-lab package, where did you get it?

It looks like you might have mixed up versions of Dynamo and archi-lab version. Latest archi-lab is built for Dynamo 1.0. Please download that.