How to search each sublist independently with a list of values


I am trying to search a list of lists for a list of values, essentially pull out the elements from each sublist with the max value, however, if two elements have the same max value I am getting two elements pulled from certain sublists when I only want the element with the max values per sublist. How do I sort this better to get this to happen please? Thanks!

Hi Mix,

Is this what you are after?

You’re using list levels to check all maximum values. If you only want the maximum for that individual sublist you need to use list levels for each sublist.

Nick, what would happen if you had a 5, 7, or 8 in the list that has 9’s in it would it find those as well or only return true at the indicies of the nines?

The list with 9 does have an 8 in it. The lists naturally match up with their maximum so each sublist is checked against a single value.