How to replace dummy area tag value with real area value

I am very new to Dynamo. I want to create a dummy area tag that can read real area value from an area plan. I already sorted out the dummy area values and real area values from in Dynamo. All I need is to replace the list value from the dummy area ta

gs with the list value from the real area.!

Search in the forum for Set parameter by name.
That is all you need!

the position and order in the lists of real tags and the dummy tags might be a problem
For example, the 3rd item in each list might relate to different areas.

You’d probably be better off getting the location of the real tag, and placing a new dummy one in the same location and setting the value at the same time (not trying to match up with existing objects.

Incidentally, the use of ‘dummy’ objects goes against the grain of how Revit works, and usually causes more problems than it solves- in this case, the model will change and the area tags will be incorrect

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Is there a way to replace the name? Like what I shown in the image? Thank you!

yes- there is a way
Refer to @architectcoding answer (set parameter)