Compare boolean list and name list for extract only true

Hello, I would like to compare these lists. the first list is extract by revit in dynamo (it’s a list of different window in my revit model) and the second list with flux. I must extract the true item ( In this exemple 29 and 30 respectively 1VTL_D and 2VTX_D_VB) ) but i don’t find anything. Maybe “FilterBybooleanask” but it doesn’t work.

Could you help me ?

After, and my goal, is to color these two window in revit model.

List.FilterByBoolMask should work

You might need to share a file, if it doesn’t.


List filter doen’t work in my file maybe the problem is the data in Flux. I think true/false are not a boolean only character or letter… It’s strange.

Hi Teillet,

The error which your getting is because the true/false values which your getting from flux is actually not Boolean’s. It is considering as string values. You need to convert those to boolean’s. Good Luck!

And here is how you can convert strings to boolean’s.

thanks, i tried this before your answer.

You should connect the first “ReplaceByCondition” values to filter by bool mask. Currently your connecting the second “ReplaceByCondition” values.

I folow your instruction. It’s work but i don’t understand what i do in the blue circle. (if i have not “list.transpose” then dynamo fail)


thanks a lot KULKUL


I tried your second advice. It’s interesting but there is an error:

A simpler way to convert string to bool…


yeah it’s working… thanks