How to read a specific cell from Excel?

Hi guys,

I just searched the forum and I found how to read a total excel file or a range of cells from an excel file but if I want only a specific cell, any simple way to do that?

Thank you

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Not sure, but Bumblebee Read Excel maybe…

Hi @Yna_Db,

I tried it but it only returns a range of cells

Then maybe ReadExcel.ByRange with column and range specification?

I Tried it not working also

It works for me after applying this:

what did u put the range as an input? can you please take a screenshot for your work

I used “A1:A2” as indicated in the description of the node. Then List.FirstItem…

still not working for me:

I did the same but the problem is that am using an old version of bumblebee package
once I updated the package it is working perfectly

thank you :slight_smile:

Great, please mark it as solved !

Hi All,

I’m new to Dynamo and don’t have that much experience in it yet.

This node your taking about is what I’m trying to do.

My script at the moment reads a Excel file row, column, column… then return to the next row when there is no data. On this row I require a range of cells to become a list in order to add to the "Parameter Categories"
I require a range of cells to be a list of information, but how would I return to the next row in my excel sheet to create my second list of information.

for example

Cells A6,B6,…,G6:KW6 first row of information with a set range for List 0
Cells A7,B7,…,G7:KW7 second row of information with a set range for List 1
Cells A8,B8,…,G8:KW8 Third row of information with a set range for List 2

I think you get the picture

What I’m struggling with, is getting the range to more to the next row when the rest of my data is on the next row.

Not having that much experience its knowing which node can achieve this for me.

Thanks in advance.

Hi, I would recommend to start a new thread for this, linked to this one and with some illustration, so that you can also mark one of the answers as a solution to your issue :slight_smile:

Cracked it, I set my cell range in my code block short of the data required for the information to be passed through.

Is there a way to use the active or selected cells from Excel as a range. I don’t want to fill in the range of the cells, but I want to select the range in Excel and that selection has to be recognized by Dynamo as range?