How to print to network printers using dynamo

How can i print to network printers using dynamo?

Hi! That is a good question. Have you tried searching the forums to see if anyone else has asked this? Also, please see this post for asking questions on the forum: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

@Tom_Kunsman…yes i did and also outside the forum. I also read the link you provided regarding on how to asked help…i also search the forum but only come with one topic which has only givie a list of network printers which when i tried did not work. So i end up asking the forum. If you know the answer can you post please.

@4bimferdie.espiritu so, can you at least post what you have tried along with any error messages than? That will be helpful for those that are willing to help. I don’t know the answer, I am only trying to help you ask your question in a way that might get a response

thanks for you reply.
I found the python code in this link Retrive a list of network prints
It is working and I can get the list of network printers.
What I do not have is a node to use to print to it. I tried using the PDF Print node from Archi-Lab but its giving error (obviously this node is for PDF) but I just tried anyway.
See below image for more details.

Hope anyone can point me in the right direction.

Thanks…in advance

Hi. Does anyone know if this can be done?

Hi, do you know any solution to this?
thanks a lot. Also worth saying your UI++ is really worth using thanks for sharing this to the public.

Hi @4bimferdie.espiritu ,
Try setting the “CombinedFile” input to False. Only virtual printers can do combined files.
Always happy to know the UI is useful to people :slight_smile: !

thanks for the suggestion, it still did not work, although your suggestion regarding the combined files is still worth investigating. I will instead remove this from the python code.

By the way, can you educate me on the correct manner on reusing someone’s code. For example I need to edit the PDF python that Konrad did and managed to make it work for my purpose and say I post it in the forum for others to use so we can help the forum. Do I need to ask Konrad for permission before posting or what is the correct protocol? Or for example if I expand the UI++ capability do I need to ask your permission?

Thanks again.

I’ll try and look into it a little more too on my side. It must be feasable.

I can’t speak for Konrad, but the moment I share my work in the package I know that everyone can alter it for improvement or else… I really don’t mind. You don’t have to ask me :smile: . I do appreciate when credit is given but that’s all that I can ask for… My purpose is to share useful stuff with the community because the community shared a lot of useful stuff with me .

I think I got it working now, I just remove also the combined file part in the code. I also got it to worked on viewsets.

I will then use your UI++ so end user can choose either to print current view or a preset viewset.



@4bimferdie.espiritu It would be nice if you can share your final graph here so that it will help others with similar issues. Sharing is caring :slight_smile:


I will share of course. :slight_smile: