How to place multiple nested family instances inside a Revit family

How to place multiple nested family instances inside a Revit family?. normally families are placed in a project but I would like to insert them inside a Revit family

Work in the family file, dynamo Works too, but i don’t think is a good idea nested a family in an other, you can complicate too much your wokrk!

Hi Ruben…i would check orchid, think there are nodes for that…if i remember right :wink:

I see nodes to edit family parameter but not adding or placing families on a family editor environment

allright i havent orchid installed, but could it be possible just use background open and a family insert node and load in again

I’d try this workflow:

  1. User selects the family to ‘host’ the others in project
  2. User selects the families to nest into the actual family
  3. Get the location points for all those families and get the vector from the family origin to the families you want to nest (so they can be placed at the same point)
  4. Probably using Python from this point onwards…
  5. Open the main family document
  6. Open the nested family document types from the project
  7. Load the family documents into the main family document
  8. Using the name of the family/type from the model originally, use that to get the family types to place in the host family as instances
  9. Using the vectors you got originally move the placement points for each family from the host family origin (0,0,0 - relatively)
  10. Place the family instances (this works in family documents the same way it does in project documents - I have tested it)
  11. Reload and save the main family

Manually clean up the new families which are nested, possibly can automate this by detecting the identical instance in same place warnings and related elements.

As you can see it’s a complex workflow. Totally do-able using Python, but probably not using just Orchid unless you use a lot of passthroughs and list level management. Start making your script, share it, and you’ll have better luck getting assistance.


Hi Ruben,

did you find a solution for placing families inside a familiy?
I am also interested :wink:

I just found that PythonScript, but it didnt work for me. Maybe it helps you.
Open family file in the background and run several scripts