How to organize many geometries (Solid.ByLoft)

Hello everyone!
I’m trying to create beams (no standard) by providing Dynamo with excel coordinates. Through the List.Chop command I can read the values, on excel, two by two, thus indicating the initial and final Cross sections of each LoftSolid.

The Direct.Shape.ByGeometry allows me to have all the solids separated, but they all have the same name.

I would like to use the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry instead and maybe catalog the various solids also by name. Basically, I wish I could give a different name to each SolidLoft. There are too many and I can’t do one at a time.

Thanks in advance for the help

Make sure your list of solids isn’t nested (so an @L2 list), then count the number of solids using a List.Count node.

Build a range from 1 to that count using a range node or a code block (1..countOfSolids;).

Join that as a suffix to your current name using an addition node.

Wire the addition node into the name node as desired.


Thank you for your reply and especially for understanding what I need. Unfortunately I’m just a beginner and I’m not being able to do as you suggested, I can’t connect the code (0…80); to the code “name”

  1. Use a List.Count node rather than hard coding 79 in your code block. The code in the codeblock should be a variable as I wrote before. Otherwise someday when you have 81 or 800 you will miss a lot of data. I also recommend starting at 1 instead of zero - it is more user friendly, but an extra name won’t be an issue if you really want to start at 0.

  2. Use and addition node (search for + in your library) to join the string to the number.


Thank you so much! Now it works