How to open Revit 2023 in older versions?

Hey guys. We having some issue on opening revit2023 files in older versions. Do you have any idea if there’s a way to open newer version or saving option for older versions?

Revit has no backward compatibility feature so models done in newer versions cannot be opened in lower versions.

but lower versions can be opened in newer versions…

Unfortunately the responder is correct. Autodesk has outlined their logic here:

Ideas have been lodged before but Autodesk themselves formally told us it isn’t going to happen due to how they develop,


Really interesting. How about saving dxf file?

Hi havent tried but read about downgrade with speckle, think it was @john_pierson …not sure it will work

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In my opinion export to IFC and import the IFC is the best bet as it has the most robust data fidelity.

All of that said, how this is not Dynamo related? If not it’s best to bring it to another forum.


Thanks @jacob.small

If you absolutely need to get some elements in an older version, speckle will do it. It isn’t perfect though and would not be a “downgrade” replacement.


yes exackly that was i think about…thanks

Thank you @john_pierson . There always must be way:)