How to model a bridge in DYNAMO and calculate it with SAP2000 as frame element?

Good afternoon,

I would like to present an idea that has come up with the development of my Master Thesis for what you would offer me your point of view. First, tell you that I do not know if I should have framed the doubt in this forum, excuse me if it is not, and I would appreciate if the post was moved in case it was deemed convenient.

I am designing a two-spaced prestressed concrete bridge, with a slab type section, with the traditional method, that in this case is:

  1. Design of the main sections in AutoCad.

  2. Obtaining mechanical characteristics.

  3. For geometric reasons, height / length ratio, it is decided to make a beam type model in SAP2000.

  4. Obtaining efforts to which the structure is subject.

Well, I throw the doubt that has arisen: would it be possible to model in Dynamo, the bridge in question, and then load it into the SAP2000 program, as a frame element?

Regards, thanks in advance.

PD: Attached capture of the simple SAP2000 beam model, of variable section, in case it helps to better understand the problem.

Yes this is doable. I believe the simplex package has some nodes for interacting with SAP2000, and if not that then check around as I am sure I have seen it. If you can’t find nodes for that aspect you can always write your own.

Thanks for your answer. As I am still student I am improving to write my own codes, but at the moment, I am not able to do that complex things now. However, I will try it. If you know anyone that can help me, please let me know.