How to match one viewport center to match another nodes not working

I am trying to match one viewport center to match another viewport center, I found all the nodes but they are not working. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

What version of steamnodes do you have? My output looks like this.

How do i tell which version of a package that I have? I went to the package manager and it said I already had it. So Im guessing I am up to date? I am not overly positive though, here is what I see:

Under manage packages you can see a version number.

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Ok, so now that i got it I can get one view to match but when I try to match multiple it craps out on my. I tried every option in lacing on the Viewport.SetBoxCenter node but when I try anything other than Shortest, I just get “null”. So I tried to create a list of the same points. Still get “null”. What am I doing wrong? thanks

List@Level with a list chop worked for me.

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Thanks for that that looks good, but its not working for me. It just nullified everything:

@mix You didn’t use the list @ level method I mentioned on the viewports input.

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It still doesnt set the Z point to be equal is that normal?

Honestly, I have no idea. Did they move on the sheet?

yeah the did. I am pretty sure they did. Hey is there any nodes out there that center the viewport title to the same spot as well? Do you know?

To my understanding we can’t control the viewport title. I could be (and hope I am) wrong though.