3d view to match 3d view

Hello I am trying to get one 3D view to match a given 3D view. in a linked model. Not sure if thats an important note or not. I have everything working up until the last few nodes where apparently the bounding box is different for the 3D view depending on how you take it? However neither one of these nodes match the extents of the 3D view in the linked model that I am choosing. What am I doing wrong? is there another way to do this? Please advise

Instead of trying to match bounding boxes, why not just copy the exact 3D view out of the linked model?

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Thanks for that Patrick. I did think of that, but I am trying to limit the number of views we create. I use just 1 3D view in my projects to do my modeling, and I would like to everyone else to do the same. Besides, there my be settings set up in my view that I need to be different in the different project. So i would just like to move the section box if possible. Does that make sense?

It does, when you say match, you just want the bounding box to match. Correct?

Thats about all I need. I want the section box in my current view to match the section box in my linked model. Because the set section box tool takes a bounding box as an input I need that to match, but thats exactly what I am having trouble with

Try this node from BIMorphNodes, input the view you’re grabbing from the link into the node.

Hope this helps!

I tried that one, it has the same problem as geometry.booundingbox

Actually that one i said "should be this one is wrong too. the section box still seems to be way too big and its making it at the origin rather than at the origin of the actual section box.

Anybody have any Ideas why my nodes are not working as expected?