AdaptiveComponent Unwanted Rotation

Hi All,
I’v got almost every techniques for dynamo and revit from you.
I deeply appreciate it…

and today, I brings 2 questions about points

I made this graph

and I found 2 problems

I made family like this

but some families has rotated.

I want to my families to be drawn unrotated…

where is the problem?
Should I make this family in other way?
there has some missing stuffs in graph?

T1002243E2A라이닝.rfa (388 KB)
Tunnel Structural Framings_V.0.0.22 By Jicaprio_Import Families by path that their length has defined by Excel AdaptiveComponents 3points.dyn (151.5 KB)

One idea: Try adding another point to control rotation (project point one a single unit along the Z axis).

Thanks, Jacob
But you know, my curve is a bit complicate,
It is difficult to draw a new point in the exact position.
is there another way to solve this problem?

Translating the first point of each section by one unit along the Z axis seems rather simple a solution to me… or are you intending to rotate the profile by some complex formula which as of yet is unseen?

Maybe the curves are flipped.

Then, I have to take 4th point in the z axis direction, I think this is almost impossible…
Do you know the node that find offset points of nurbs curve?

I’m sorry Jacob,

But, like I was trying to build a structural frame that alongs 3D curve, I did not think it was impossible. It was too much time later when I realized that it was the limit of the program. Nobody told me it was impossible. I had to waste too much time.
Maybe this looks like that again.
Is it impossible to find an offset point of a 3D curve and create an adaptive point?
Is it impossible to modelling tunnels using adaptivecomponent and structural frames?

Well, if so, what method will you use when you are writing tunnel modeling?
There are some topics related to tunnels in this forum, but I can not see how I can find the answer…

I understood this to mean creating an offset point.
But, Maybe I did not understand your words properly. I’m terribly sorry, but can I get other explanations or materials related to this?

have you try to sort them ?
take every 3 points ( adaptive points), and take the Distance between each point with original point ( like the start point of the curve), and use sort by key node
it should work