How to make a list of elements on whats in a view or view-port?

Hi all,

I new with Dynamo BIM, but I think that it can do some use form may daily works tasks, and evane bether I can get some custom data from revit that I normal could not get.

I have a idea of making a list that shows elements in a spesific view or view port on a sheet. The list I want to split, so I can get the pipe and pipe fittings in their own sub-lists.

I found some information on the internet, but not what I need. I hope some of you experts can help me with the task.

I’m not sure how to start the task

So fare I have found out how the retrieve elements from a view, but I don’t know how to split the list so I can retrieve the pipe elements to their own list.

I also found out how to make a sheet list and which view-ports that shows in the sheets

But now I need to combine the information, but how can I do that? Any ideas?