Get Elements inside of Viewport


I’m getting crazy searching for a possibility to get only the elements wich are inside of a viewport.

Please help???

try All elements in View

I tried:

-Elements by View
-Nodes from bimorph with bounding box

They did not work, i get only Null Lists


can you show me the graph?

this one might help

Here a Screenshot

Why I get NULL?

It seems I have another problem with Revit/Dynamo

is your graph running on automatic or manual?
also, take small steps, test with just one view at a time

Manual and i tried also with just one view :frowning:

Revit 18 and 19.

Dynamo 2.02

are these the only two node you have in the graph or is this just a part of a larger graph?

In this graph are more things, but i tried it in a new one just with this two nodes and it doesn’t work either.

i’m out of new ideas here exept for trying list@level

It seems to be only with Revit 2018.

In 2019 it works… I will try some more things…