How to know what kind of parameter


I am currently dealing with a model with a specific category that has a multiple parameter having the same parameter name. For example, the duct fitting category has 3 “Insulation Thickness” Parameter. Those parameters have different values. One parameter is a family parameter, one is shared project parameter and one is shared family parameter. Is there a way for me to get for example the value of the project parameter? Or a way to know what kind of parameter a parameter is(family, family shared, project shared)?


if the parameter is shared can be checked easily with this property, that tells you exactly what you want.
Project parameters can be checked same way but, you will access them through the BindingMap: you will loop all their Definition, get the parameter from it and check the property.

Let me know if it is clear enough for you, next time avoid duplicated names :wink:

Oh, thank you, the BindingMap is what I am looking for. Models are outsourced and edited by the modelers and engineers at the site, sad to say I have no control over what they do.

Hi Fabio,

The parameterBindings doesn’t contain isShared property, isShared is not one of the properties of the BindingMap. is there something else i can use to tell if a parameter is a project or shared parameter?
@blsalvio how did you solve it?

Use the OOTB Parameter.IsShared node :

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hi @Mohamad_Kayali,

like Fabio said, I first checked the parameters if they are Shared Parameter with IsShared Property then checked them if they are Project Parameter via the Binding Map in the parameter definition.


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Hi @FabioDeAgostini excuse me but with these properties IsShared Property and DefinitionBindingMap Properties how can I difference in my project environment (.rvt file) a shared project parameter (charged from txt file of from another project), a shared parameter that came from a family (.rfa) charged into my project and a project parameter? Actually I use “Document.ProjectParameters” node of the great Clockwork package from @Andreas_Dieckmann but il list much more parameters that I have into revit list of project parameters (inside “Manage tab_Settings panel_Project Parameters”) Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers

hi @paris,

Please read the thread carefully. First, check the the parameter if it is Ishared. If it is true then you are sure that it is a shared parameter. Then after confirming that the parameter is shared, check the Definition Binding Map of the parameter if it is a project parameter. If it is true then the parameter is both a project and shared parameter. If it is false then the parameter is shared and family parameter.



Hi @blsalvio , thanks for your answer, yes of course I’m looking to get the Definition Binding Map of the my shared parameters to verify if are project parameter or not, I’ll try find a way to write something with python.