How to Install Orchid Package

Thanks to ‘Aussie BIM Guru’ Gavin Crump for this…




@GavinCrump’s videos are always good. :slight_smile:


Sure is a shame there isn’t any process set up for sharing packages that would allow this to be more streamlined and integrated… :grin:


Haha I’m sure erfajo has his reasons. I seem to recall it partially stemmed from some limitations the manager put on the way the package could be set up, as well as shielding his nodes from imitators that wouldn’t maintain them.

Thanks for sharing @Mark.Ackerley!

Hope it helps others access this great package (and ask me how a bit less often haha).

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This is one of the very rare occasions I am replying, but yes, there are many reasons why I ended up pulling the plug from this community. There are battles that you can’t win, so I just went off the battleground and do now only support my users from my page at Github.

However, concerning the package manager.

  • I am not the only one, Lunchbox is also shipped outside the package manager.
  • Versioning should not be handled by the package manager, I am the developer and I am the one who decides how I will handle this, and that leads to the next problem.
  • I am supporting many parallels and I cant see why this should lead to, that I should rename my package including different sub-names for supporting different Dynamo/Revit versions, this should be doable to handle with having many versions inside a package!?
  • I have also a sample collection, which is on +50 Mb due to included Revit files, this should not be downloaded inside the package.
  • I find the info page for a package extremely limited. I have +500 nodes and are still expanding, My package has as many nodes as the dynamo team is shipping. I need to have space to explain there exist parallels and that samples are shipped separately. Showing images from sample graphs is also needed.

I would prefer that there was an option to include a GitHub page inside the package manager. If this should come with constraints for a folder structure so users could download and install directly from inside the package manage, then would I support it.

So yes there is from my point of view a huge need for development of the package manager.

Lastly please be aware that I most likely don’t followup on this discussion, so if you are leaving some really important information, you need to write me at Github. Internally discussion that I should do either this or that, don’t waste anyone’s time on that, that will not lead to anything.


hi @erfajo, why so serious and upset ? :joy:

Hi Jean :slight_smile:

I think we can all be whoever we want to be… Serious, not serious, everything is fine :slight_smile: As long as we are all kind to each other :slight_smile: So I prefer to keep the discussion technical… :slight_smile:

I hope you you have a wonderful weekend! :slight_smile:


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@Mark.Ackerley thanks man. You too.

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