How to increase a list into a list of lists from unique items?

hello, I am trying to find out how many of each type of pipe fitting I have in my system. I have a list of all the pipe fitting sizes, but I dont know how to break the list down into sublists so that each sublist has all the same size fittings in it. Does that make sense? I looked at the definition of unique items an sublists, but unique items will get rid of all but one of each and I want the total count of each and sublists, doesnt break it down by value of the line item but only by a preset input which wont work either. Please advise. Thanks!

Ok I actually found this node from clockwork that does this for me. But now how do I get the total length of each pipe size into my list of size and count of pipes?

@mix Seems like List.GroupByKey should serve your purpose

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