How to ImportInstance.ByGeometry w/ no Base Level?

Good morning all. Ran into an interesting problem. Using the ImportInstance.ByGeometry node with a floor plan as the active view sets the Import Instance’s Base Level parameter to that floor plans associated level. I get the result I want when I run the node with a 3D view being the active view because it places the instance with no Base Level set.

So, how can I use ImportInstance node with floor plan as the active view without setting the base level to the plans associated level?



I tried changing the parameter value to null after the instance is placed and I recieved an error. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

I was able to successfully clear the value of the parameter by doing the following:

However, the instance remained in the same position. It seems that this needs to be handled before the instance is placed.

Please let me know if you can think of any solutions.

Is this the same behavior of triggered by the UI?

I am not sure how to test this through the UI. It seems as though there should be some way to toggle this behavior inside Dynamo but I’m not sure how. Any ideas?

Data set and dyn to reproduce.

Hello! I’m having the same problem…
Do you have a solution?

Need a data set to reproduce (rvt and dyn) as this isn’t something I’ve had a need for. At three years old it’s likely best to start a new topic though.

new topic created, thanks!

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