How to have an orthogonal Cross sections with the path?


Hello !

I’m trying to model a form (bridge or tunnel) with a variable cross sections, i put the profiles by coordinates, how can i put them in the same location but perpendicular to the path ? (picture 1)
The main goal is to create an element like this ! (picture 2)

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I way just looking at your files. I don’t have the excell and revit files that you use so it was kind of hard for me to work with them , but here is for the orthogonal cross section issue (dyn file here -> rectangles along curve ).

Hey !

Can i replace element by curve imported from excel ?

Hi Wass,

The geometry which your using is it the fabrication duct part?

It looks like fabrication duct part which is available in revit 2016 version.

Hey Kulkul,

No !
I use this geometry just to test functions in Dynamo , then i will try to apply the same script for others element like this (Picture)

yes you can replace the selected curve by your excel data based curve. You just need to delete the first line (e.Geometry()) and connect your curve to the “curve” input of the code block.

I tried to change 2 things :
–Excel file ==> Points ==> Path for curves
–Replace the rectangle by a profile (Polygon or Polycurves)
but it doesn’t work and this is normal because i never used Python.

Not Python just design script :slight_smile: helps keeping the workflow tidy and reduces the need to download custom nodes/packages.

Here’s something that you could easilly use : profiles on curve (it uses Archi lab package’s polycurve by profile family type node). I’ve been trying to lof the profiles following a guide but none of the OOTB nodes works. I’d be interested to know if someone knows a ways of doing so in dynamo.

profile on curve

Is the issue perhaps that Dynamo wants a closed curve and you are providing essentially two closed curves for each profile? Would it work if you split each profile into two profiles (inner and outer), lofted each set of profiles, then did a Geometry.Difference to cut out the inner loft out of the outer loft? Think something similar to the Revit limitation on swept blend profiles (only one set of closed curves allowed)…


Hi ben

I thought the same and tried exactly that but it still won’t follow the guide…

File: SolidLoft.dyn


Hi Vikram,

Thanks for the help, good to know that coordinatesystematparameter node exists! :slight_smile:

So my conclusion is that it has more to do with working with revit elements : whether i use a revit curve as a guide or polycurves extracted from revit profiles, it doesnt work…

pro revit curve



Hey Mostapha ,

The Zaxis it not always the normal to the path because the trajectory is drawn on 3D so we have a double curvature.