Create cross sections views and grids along curve

Hi to all,

I’m new on this forum and I use Dynamo from a few Months .
First thank you all for the useful suggestions you give in the forum.

I’m trying to create a cross sections view and grids along a curve generated with Excel points from Civil 3D.
I have read before many posts and websites, and I found a great post of Cesare Caoduro which explains how to create them. So I create the Graph in Dynamo and I started the routine. I had no warning and all views are created but the sections are not aligned to curve (image attached). I found the error around the node “Cure.PointAtParameter > Vector.ByTwoPoints”, in fact if I change the value in Code Block (example 0.01) the sections rotate all. So I tryed many solutions but all of them give me only one section or none without warnings.
Where am I doing wrong? I can not understand!
Next I need to create Grids also and I think I can reuse some nodes that I used for sections.
I attached the graph.
Thank you