Area Paramters to Room Parameters

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I am having issues with transferring Area’s parameters to Room’s parameter. It does copy parameters but does not respect levels. Attached are two of the graphs where you could see issue with Rooms parameters. I have tried sorting Areas and Rooms by level but has not been successful. Any help will be appreciated.

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look at this link:

Try the below code

areas and rooms.dyn (40.0 KB)

Hi @Mohammad_Nawar, thanks for your reply. The script seems corrupted but I am able to build similar to your that comes with error at “Surface.Bypatch” from Areas category. Also this scripts seems copying data from Rooms to Area where my requirement is to copy Area parameter to Rooms.

I have tried changing the graphs setting but so far I have no success with it. I will keep trying and will post once i have success.

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Regarding the copy from area to room or vice versa just change the manner of nodes connection and you will get the results. The other question its not corrupted but its showing you the polycurve is not closed thats why is not able to make the surface so try to use closebyline node in between and study which polycurves producing the issue. If you still couldn’t make it to work send a sample revit file so i can check it for you.