How to get width/length of an elements 3D geometry?

Hi I was wondering if there was any way to get the width or length from an elements 3D geometry. Right now I have a list of elements whose length and/or width I need in order to offset the placement of corresponding families to them, but I’m not familiar with working with revit geometries, solids etc could someone please help me along if this is possible with Dynamo?

@raymond.humes Please post what you have done so far

You do have to realize that computers are very dumb. You need to be very specific in telling what the length and width of a piece of geometry are. You can give it read-only parameters that check the length and width and you can then read out via Dynamo for example.

Asking the elements for parameter values will certainly be the fastest method. After that it’s bounding box point calculations and/or slicing, point collecting, and edge checking which is very slow.

Thanks Jacob Bounding Box point calculations worked for me, I used the bounding box max and min points nodes and decomposed them into there individual x and y coordinates then used those points to calculate the width and length I was looking for.

Careful with off axis elements. They’ll throw your work way off.

Thank I didn’t think of that point I’ll look into reading in length and width parameters from my elements to avoid this issue.