Beam Width

I’ve spend quite a few hours strolling the forum to find out how to find the width of a beam in Dynamo, there are a few topics that go into this, but nothing that provided a satisfying answer (it succeeded with rectangular beams, but not ones with more complicated cross sections like steel profiles).

After trying out many different ways, and failing many times i came up with something. Maybe by sharing this i can spare someone else a headache. :smiley:

Here’s how you can easily find the width of a beam:

  1. find the curve of an element
  2. Get the Vector of the curve
  3. Get the Geometry of the desired element and rotate it’s vector to be paralel to the y-axis of the project
  4. Create a Bounding box from the Geometry
  5. Read the width of the Bounding box

Here’s a screenshot with a working sample: