How to get the same index from every list?

hello everyone,

I’m trying to deconstruct a bounding box -> cuboid ->topology edges -> and want to get the curves that are on the front bottom of each cuboids and get the end points.

From Edge.CurveGeometry, I found that #7th curve is the front bottom curve of each cuboids and wondering how I can get only those 7th lines from each cuboids?

Please let me know if you need more question.
Feel free to give me an advice on how I can get those lines / points in a different way also.

List.GetItemAtIndex, with longest lacing and/or use list at level 2 (@L2).

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thank you @JacobSmall

it worked but not the way I want. I thought grabbing 7th curves of the list will give me the bottom length of each blocks but realized that the 7th curve = same orientation. Instead of grabbing the bottom length of each block it just grabbed the bottom south curves so a mix of both long length and short lengths.

is there a way where I can grab the long lengths of each blocks? just like how I pointed out on red pen above?

thank you!

This should do the trick for basic geometry.

If your geometry is more complex, you’ll want to use another method though.

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wow this is amazing @JacobSmall thank you!!!
if I want to get the vertical segment, do I just change the Vector Z to Vector Y or X? I tried but seems like not working to well. thank you very much for your knowledge!

If you want to work with vertical segments you would want to use Z==0. :slight_smile:

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hey @JacobSmall can you briefly explain what sURFACE.NORMAL AT PARAMETER node does with UV? and why it is 0.5? thanks!

The UV input is defining the location to take the normal from the surface. I used 0.5,0.5 as that’s ‘center of the domain’ (not necessarily the midpoint on the surface, which is much more expensive of a calculation). You may want to study up on point and surface parameterization for more info.