How to get the floor cutouts assignment using Dynamo

I am new to Revit Dynamo, and in Revit I have floor element modelled along with few floor cut outs as well.
Using Dynamo i am trying to get the floors elements end points and its assignments also. I am getting all the end points of all the closed loops in that level, but I am not able to know which one is a floor cut out and which one is slab element.

Really appreciate everyone’s help on this.

Hello and welcome…not sure do you mean something like this here…

It is a bit messy, but I guess this is what you ar elooking for?

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@tradelie That will work, but Group Curves will not necessarily get you the outer perimeter as a first group in the list. You’d could either take the longest perimeter - which is fine with simple shapes or you can take the curves that enclose the largest area - which will guarantee that this is the outermost curve.

thanks everyone for all you replies. This is my first question in the forum and really feels good to see so many replies within the short time…

my intention of the code that i have written is to use the point co-ordinates from the floor element from Revit, and then use this data to create Floor elements in my structural analysis software. from the perimeter points I can get the co-ordinates, but to assign the property of either a floor element or opening in the analysis software I am not able to get that information.

For ex: Below is the slab/floor element from Revit, which I need to model in my analysis software. which has got many openings in them.

this is the image from my analysis software, which I have modelled manually now.

Thanks again for all the help

Hi @viktor_kuzev, to be honest , I have tried it several times before deleting a filterboolbymask node that will filter based on the area before filtering the face with the highest elevation, the result did return always the outer boundary as the last sublist, hence the omission of the area filter from the script. But maybe I missed a certain use case as you mentioned :slight_smile:

@Raqeeb If the analysis software you are using need points lists as an input to create the floor and openings, try to hook a start point node at the end, that will give you a list of points instead a list of curves…hope it helps.