How to get system name seperately and set parameter with equipment number?

There is a four mechanical equipment in project. And every equipment has a equipment number(Ekip No) and equipment code(Ekip Kodu). Every equipment has two different system. For example, if equipment code is FS, systems are Supply Air and Fresh Air. if equipment code is FE, systems are Return Air and Exhaust Air. But dynamo doesn’t list system names seperately. I draw list in picture what i want to do. How can i do it ?

I’m guessing this should at least help you, but can you show how you want the result to look like?

I showed in picture left upper corner. I want to match equipment code and equipment number with two different system name. For example,

FS Supply Air 1
FS Fresh Air 1

Like so?

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Yes very good but how can i write this names the systems to which fan related

I still don’t understand what you’re asking. Could you just show the list of results you’d want?

Do you have a sample file with the pipes in it that we could test on?

I shared file.

Just to understand and clearify.
You wish to Pull the information from the “Mechanical Equipment” (e.g. FS-01)
And append this “prefix” to the “System Name” of the Duct family, not changing anything in the “Mechanical Equipment”?

Thus resulting in Ducts which have “System Name” set to e.g. “FS-01 Fresh Air 2”?
Or do you wish to use the “System Type” and thus this to: “FS-01 Fresh Air”?

For now you’re using text nodes on your drawing and I guess this is not where you wish to change information?

This sounds like a “renaming operation” of the system name from
“Supply Air 1” to “FS-01 Supply Air”
“Fresh Air 1” to “FS-01 Fresh Air”

(dismissing the numbers used in your system names)

Yes, i wish to pull the information (e.g. FS-01, FS-02 FE-01 etc.) from mechanical equipment. And get the system type (e.g. Supply Air).
(not Supply Air 1 because this is system name i want to change system name).

And this resulting in ducts system name should be “FS-01 Supply Air” and “FS-01 Fresh Air” for only FS-01 fan. When i change fan number to FS-02, system name must be “FS-02 Supply Air” and “FS-02 Fresh Air”.

I guess this is what you want to achieve, though you’re trying to change a read-only parameter which to my knowledge is not possible unless it is changed on the family.

There are several threats about this:

Try this:

Could you share script ?

Example_Example_Example Dynamo.dyn (33.7 KB)

This is not worked. The order of the numbers is mixed. FS-01 Fresh Air is FS-02 Supply Air-2 etc.

Try playing around with the lists, you wish to catch the “Duct Systems” as you can see in the graph, rather than the “read-only” parameter of the “Ducts”.
If this is a one-time operation (for renaming purposes) then the use of Dynamo might be excessive as you only (at least in the shared file) have 8 name-changes which would take 2 min to change manually.
Be aware that there seems to be a mistake in your “test” file: