How to get spot elevation through dynamo

Hi There

Can anyone suggest how to get spot elevation through dynamo. I already have elevation i just need to have spot elevation on it. Currently shown is manually placed on elevation but i want to generate it through dynamo.

Maybe this can give you a start.

What elements do you want to place the spot elevation on?

Hi franciscusm
I don’t want spot elevation through family coz by family i only get symbol. I want spot elevation through dimension. As shown in image circled in pink, that spot elevation is placed through dimension. I want to generate in similar way.

Clockwork has a node to place spot elevations. I originally wrote it for plan views but I recently modified so it’s possible to place spot elevations in other view types as well. Haven’t tested it thoroughly, though. The modified version will be in the next release, but you can download it here:

Hi Andreas_Dieckmann

Can you please help me with circled data, I don’t know what will here as an input.