How to get point closest to with variable list lengths

Hello, I played with my lacing on this pretty througholy. but I think this is the closest I got it. But what is happening is the list 2 going into the “geometry” part is not staying comparing to the list 2 going into the “other” section. after the node finds the closest points from list 2,0 from the geometry section, comparing to the list 2,0 and 2, 1 from the other section, it then moves to list 2,1 from the geometry section to list 3,0 and 3,1 from the other section. I dont want that. I want it to stay in list to to finish out the list. So what I am missing, is that it is skipping list 2,1 in the geometry section to compare it to list 2,0 and 2,1 in the other section. What am I doing wrong? How can I accomplish this?

I have a post in here, you can see, hope it can help.

Thats is an interesting read! However, my problem is more of a lacing issue, not a working range issue. Everything has worked so far in this working range.

When in doubt, match your list structure.

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