How to get only the outer co-ordinates of a floor element

Hello Everyone,
I have a floor, which has got many openings within them. I am trying to get the outer co-ordinates of the floor element. I am trying this using floor points and surfaces also, but I am getting all the points which are associated with the element (inner and Outer points in one list) but I need these co-ordinates separate as a polyline defining a closed individual loop. I need the co-ordinates of the exterior bigger perimeter and also the inner cutout’s separately. any help using Dynamo or Python is really appreciated. Thanks in advance for all the help.


I’m not sure but I think the Element.Location+ from clockwork can help you with this.


Group Curves node from archilab as well:


@jw.vanasselt @tradelie Thanks for the response. archilab node helped.