Exporting boundary coordinates


I need help in finding out the X Y coordinates of the outer boundary of the building pads as labelled in the attached picture. The boundary of the building pad overlaps the building walls. The inner lines are also building pads, but I only need the coordinates of the outer boundary of those building pads.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Khan486 ,

Do you have elements that you can group by keys and then read the boundigbox from them?
For example the walls?

What do you have so far?

If your pads are continuous then you can just get the largest pad. If there are no exterior pads then you can get the pad(s) with the largest min/max points.

Hi @jw.vanassel, thanks for replying back. I haven’t done anything like that till now.
Is there any way to just get the coordinates of the outer boundary of the pad?

Thanks @Nick_Boyts for replying. I’m going to be straightforward with you, I’m new to Revit & its environment :sweat_smile:.
I just started using this system 2 months ago and have learned it using tutorials on YT.
I’m not quite able to understand what you’re saying. Could you please explain a bit?

@Khan486 Croup Curves by archilab package will group all “adjacent” curves in sub-lists, in general, the last list will be the outer boundary, nevertheless, you can group them based on surfaces areas to get the desired boundary, hope it helps: