Get windows and door coordination

How can I get some X,Y,Z coordination of door or window?

Hi @P_Fiala

One of the possible way is to use FamilyInstance.Location node.

can’t find…and other way?

Element.Location node from clockwork package.

FamilyInstance.Location is an OOTB node:

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how about this one … :blush:


thanks…i need get elements middle points of doors and then get all 4 corner points of door threshold then add this points to boundary room and then create floor …then will be floor created in room and also in door threshold.

One method would be to use the location node suggested by @Yna_Db, then extract the rough height and width parameters from the doors and windows. Next, get the facing direction (a vector - I think this can also be achieved using OOTB nodes) and generate the cross product vector using world z (all window and door families are vertical so world z is a reliable input). The cross product (find it in the Vector library) will yield a new ‘right-hand’ vector for each window/door. You can now use this Vector to create the four points you need using the rough width/height, for example you could create lines by start point, direction and length to create the two bottom points (by extracting their endpoints) then do the same to create the final two points at the top.

I think I have the way how to get 4 points…but it there some rules for sort of this points - (order)? how to add this points to room boundary points…?

This outer boundary method could probably help:

Ok, now I have all 4 corner point in a list of the doors…

Now I must make closed curve and then add this curve to room boundary?

any Idea?

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Ok now I have closed polycurve

Simply add the surfaces together. Room.Boundaries is from Clockwork:

your solution create multiple surface…not only one…that is bad.

Just send your screenshot to show what is bad exactly

Now I have solution…

but if I have wall in cicle Dynamo connect first and last point directly as line not as cicle? why?

This issue isn’t related to the tiltle of this thread, please open a new one to maintain consistency on the forum. Thanks

Hey Fiala, can you send me a screen of the way you extract your point or your program ? I need to do a similar work to extract 2 points and create a beam on each door or window

Are you planning to relocate existing assembly, then change the coordinates. If you wanna change the orientation of the window/door assembly, change coordinate values of its insertion point. Found few useful articles at autodesk
" if the top and bottom of the door/window assembly are parallel to the XY plane, its normal is parallel to the Z axis. You can change the orientation of the door/window assembly by aligning its normal with another axis. You can also rotate the door/window assembly on its plane by changing the rotation angle."

Double click the door/window assembly and expand location on the properties palette, specify the location of window/door assembly. A windows and doors company in Madison
suggests that
the the shape, location and overall energy of doors and windows in any given floor plan are all very important for flow of energy.
I saw online a sketchup, which is a free floor plan software

To locate the door/window assembly on the XY plane, make the normal of the door/window but if you wanna assembly parallel to the Z axis: under Normal, enter 1 for Z, and enter 0 for X and Y.
To locate the door/window assembly on the YZ plane make the normal of the door/window. Meanwhile, if you want assembly parallel to the X axis: under Normal, enter 1 for X, and enter 0 for Y and Z.
Also, to locate the door/window assembly on the XZ plane make the normal of the door/window assembly parallel to the Y axis: under Normal, enter 1 for Y, and enter 0for X and Z.
Change the rotation of the door/window assembly enter a new value for Rotation Angle.

Last and final click OK.

Hi, I’m following this same process. How do you get the closed polycurves at the doors ? Nothing is working for me. Polycurve.ByPoints gives me an error. Surface.ByPerimeterPoints gives me an error. I can’t get these curves to close. Any thoughts ?