How to get Insertion point (x,y,z) for pressure parts Fittings and appurtenances?

Hi All,
Am trying to get insertion point for pressure fittings(elbows and tees) and appurtenances
I converted pressure parts to curves
-In case fitting elbows after converting gave me arcs so i can get center from (Curve.PointAtParameter).

-In case fitting tees after converting gave me 3 lines for each tee (i couldn’t to get center).

Is there any help or another idea to get actual insertion point for pressure parts?

Just use Element.Location. That should give you exactly what you’re looking for.

Prob wrong. Looking only at the image it looks like (curve.end point) might be the shared point for the 3 legs of the tee.

So you might be able to take the first item of the list

It’s not working
All are nulls

idea correct but it’s not the first item it should be end point of line then second item.
this is the solution to get insetion points for ellbows , tees and appurtenances.

We can’t help you if you don’t include the data you’re passing through your nodes or the warnings you’re encountering. If your fittings have issues then your locations likely will too.

this is easy in Revit
i think differ than civil3d

Ah, I’m sorry. I missed the C3D tag.

There is likely still a location property for the element as it’s not curve-based. You would just need to find the node or method to retrieve that location. A geometry breakdown like above will of course work, but it’s obviously more work and could leave the potential for error in some cases.