How to get element room name?

How to get elements room name…??
Hi all… I’m recently learning dynamo… So i can’t find the node for room name of elements. But by using clockwork node i can find the room name for door so similar as i could not find any node for MEP elements… Which is very helpfull for COBie. Please help me now I’m trouble in COBie.

Revit 2015
Dynamo 1.12 ver.


You can use Elements in Room from archilab and FamilyInstances.Room from Rhythm.


Hi Alban. The “Elements in Room” works well when the element category is not a “system family” element. How should it work when trying to get a wall/duct/pipe element instead? could you please post a script example?
From the attached image you can see the issue seems to happen into the “element in room” node.

Thanks for your kind help!


Use the Element ToRoom node from the Genius Loci package instead.

Hi Alban
Thanks for the prompt response. It does work!
Next step was to extend the category selection to a multi-category one, which unfortunately doesn’t seem to work well. Any suggestion?

just a guess, maybe your rooms are not high enough to let those ducts and pipes to detect.


The Element ToRoom node doesn’t manage List of lists containing items. Use a Flatten node after the All Elements Of Category node.