How to get door hand side (vector perhaps?) precisely?

I try to get the door hand orientation from linked document, however using the node from archilab returned not accurate result. I would like to place new door in current document with the same hand and facing direction. Below is the graph that could describe this problem

As you can see, both doors is correctly orientated (highlighted DoorA is the door in current document), however the hand vector is not the same. “Door Set Handling” node also returned inaccurate result. My best guess is that they utilized the flip control state of the doors to determine the orientation, and since the door from linked that were flipped not necessary means it’s equal to the flipped state door in current document, thus the inaccurate result.

Is there a precise way to get the vector in this case? So that I could compare both vectors in current document with linked document, if they are different, I shall flip the hand and vice-versa.

Thanks in advance!

Use Vector.Reverse node to flip the vectors. That would get you “Left Handed Reversed”.

Hi @Kulkul, I’m trying to programmatically decide If I should flip the door hand, without having to inspect the door placed one by one. So that might not work. That means using the example posted, I should flip the door hand since the vector is different, where it’s actually in correct orientation.

How about Getting the Vector.X Value and saying if Vector.X value is negative then flip or else don’t flip?

That trick might helps on some doors, but If the doors is orientated differently (facing down), that might not work though. If I’m correct.

Drop rvt file with all your cases in it.

Hey @Kulkul, here it is with some samples