How to get ceiling from linked model

I try to get ceiling list from the linked model using rooms then I want also compare the space name (Room name) and room name. I try to use Room.boundaries & Element.Location node but it shown empty. Can any one suggest how to solve this problem.

You were connecting the room elements’ parameters to the Room.Boundaries and Element.Location nodes instead of the room elements:

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Hi @awilliams
Thanks for your replay. I connecting the node from get all elements from linked model to room.boundires & element.location, but know also they shown null.

You could try the Core node to see if that makes a difference.

Hi @Ewan_Opie
But it gives only X,Y & Z value. I want ceiling list based on room in the linked file.

Are the ceilings in the linked model individual to the rooms? Are they hosted to each room upper limit? You could find the centroid of the ceiling element in the linked model and compare that to the centroid x and y of the rooms, and z value offsets to see which ceiling belongs where… can you post a link to your test files?

hi @Ewan_Opie
Sorry for late replaying. In the linked model some rooms have mentioned as two ceiling, some rooms have one ceiling. Yes all the ceiling are hosted in room upper limit. Once again sorry, there is no authorised to share the file in my office. Know I slightly modify my script, my idea is first get rooms & ceilings from the linked model and compare the both the list. I have the room list. Then I also compare to the space (room) list. Can u suggest it is the correct method.

Seasons greetings.
Thanks for the extra info, I’ll take a look once I’m back in the office, but of anyone else has any ideas in the meantime? :thinking:

Since you can have multiple ceilings in a single room you might try a geometry intersect between rooms and ceilings.