Ceiling Height from Linked Model

I am trying to get ceiling heights/room heights from the Arch model. But I am having some issues with what to do next…

This is the screen clip of what I have been trying.

My end goal is to get the room/ceiling heights and apply those heights to my spaces.

One option if you consistently have say slabs or ceilings directly above your rooms is to use BimorphNodes LinkElement.ByRayBounce. You will get two outputs: the element above and the intersection point that hit it. You can then measure the distance from the projection point to the intersection point and that should give you the ceiling height. There are a number of ways this node can be improved too, so it this is a viable workflow, I’d be interested in hearing ideas. Some ideas (and potential shortfalls):

  1. Offset projection point (this would prevent selecting slabs at the projection point)
  2. Select all setting: collect all elements hit by the ray point. The default behaviour currently is always to return the first element
  3. …any other ideas


Idea 1

Add a vector visualizer (like Dieter’s in the BIM4Struc package)

Idea 2

Add an easy to use transform method for the vector visualizers coordinate system
(think of a campus site with multiple shared coordinates and multiple buildings) (Align to LinkedGridLines?)