Elements by room


i,m trying to get the position of some elements by room, i can filter those elements by level but i need to get a list with every element in a specific room.

My architectural model and the lights dodel are two different files, and i don’t know how to filter them by room.

Any one have an idea?

I hope you understand my english… :wink:



In my experience an Revit File for Electrical fittings will use a ‘Space’ which is sync’d to the Architect’s ‘Room’… The ‘Spaces’ are then used for calculations and are added to ceiling voids, that kind of thing. Then your graph only has to find elements from spaces in the host model, which is a lot easier.

That said, if you are sure you want to get from a linked room, you could look at this link…

It physically clashes rooms in the host model against rooms in the linked model. This might be useful to you, or you might adapt it to clash lights instead of rooms.

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The “Elements Fom Linked File in Room” node from archilab package is probably what you need.


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I had presumed you’d want them grouped in your Light Fittings file (so you can add that into their parameter), if you’d like them in the room (so you could schedule what is in each room) file you’ll want Alban’s.



Yes actually i need to export a file in excel with all the lights by room, all the electrical equipement. i feel i’m almost there.

i extrat the rooms from the architectural model linked in my lighting model but then i get all the rooms i get all the lights and after i don’t know what to do because i have 242 rooms and when i use the “elements from linked file in room” he gets only 210 rooms.

i’m lost… :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks! i’m trying with the elements you gave me!

@Alban_de_Chasteigner @Mark.Ackerley
Maybe i can run a clash detection and it gonna give me the lights in every room? i’m not sure if that can work

The ouput of “Elements Fom Linked File in Room” should be the ligthing fixtures and not the rooms.

Where is the error with 210 rooms ? Can you add a picture ?

Can you try to make the same graph as in my post and show the result ?

I don’t think the clash detection will be a good solution. You must first turn your rooms into solids.

Here it is, i think that normally i will have 245 lists with the lights in every room but it’s giving me only 210 lists.


Are you sure there aren’t 32 unplaced or unbounded rooms ?
Can you verify the architectural model ?

You’re right i think there is a prob with the architectural model, i inversed, i linked the lighting model in the architectural model, same error. So there i a problem with the rooms.

Thanks a lot!!

Make a schedule (nomenclature) with the fields : level, area, name and you will find the faulty rooms.

Perfect! Thanks a lot! i owe you a beer!